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The Island of Cozumel

CozumelCozumel from the Maya "Cuzam" which means "swallow" and "Lumil" which means "land of" forming the word Cuzamil: Land of the Swallows, it is the largest inhabited island in Mexico. It is one of nine municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo.
Most of Cozumel's virgin territory is covered by forest and lakes inhabited by small mammals and endemic birds. Therefore the landscape forming the perfect setting for a wide variety of water sports such as diving, sport fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and more.
The island of Cozumel is the ideal destination for a honeymoon, as it is a city with beautiful beaches where you can live romantic evenings by the sea, fun and sunbathing on the white sands and crystalline waters.


CozumelCozumel is located 20 kilometers east of the Yucatan Peninsula and 60 kilometers south of Cancun. It was formed by coralline limestone and sandy soils. The island is 48 km from north to south but only 16 from east to west. Cozumel has extensive white sand beaches on its east coast from north to south, in which you can practice sports such as surfing and kiteboarding, and less extensive white sand beaches on the west coast from north to south, suitable for snorkeling, diving, swimming and windsurfing, as are ranked against the barrier reef.


CozumelCozumel average temperature is 27 ° C. In July and August high temperatures feel up to 32 ° C. In December and January, daytime temperatures are in the range of 24 ° C. In the winter months cold fronts can cause windy weather, cloudy and cool. The afternoon storms are common and usually last an hour. The water temperature fluctuates between 25 ° to 28 ° C throughout the year.